Instruction on EVO

Starting 2013, we will have to switch to SeeVogh software which replaces the EVO.  This is a video conference system for the scientific community. Here an instruction on how to download and use the SeeVogh.

(1) You first download the software by clicking Start at the home page of:

(2) Start the program and sign in, please click the menu on the upper-left (an eye-shaped logo) and select managing communities. Find JET on the list and add to your list of communities. You need the community authentification key. Please send email to to request the key (please state your name and institution).

(3) If you are a new user of EVO, please follow the instruction here to register and select JET community:


The EVO software is easy to use. Please follow the following advices:

  • We are not sure how many users the EVO server can handle simultaneously for each EVO room. Therefore we strongly suggest groups with many members use one single user on a computer to attend the EVO meeting in a small conference room. A simple set-up only a computer or laptop, a projector and an external microphone and speaker. One can find many USB external mic-speaker. For example, wefind Phoenix Audio DUET MT202-PCO USB Speakerphone is a good solution for a group of 20-30 people.
  • The slides shown through EVO screen share is very slow and sometimes not very clear. For a big group, we recommend to download the slides (which we post on the web site prior to the schedule EVO seminar) and show the slides on your local computer along the shared EVO screen.
  • Please do not broadcast your own video in order to reduce thebandwidth load.
  • When you are not asking a question, please mute your microphone to reduce the background noise.

Instruction for speakers:

  • Send your slides to the organizers at least 3 days before the seminar so they can be made available for downloading.
  • Familiarize yourself with the EVO software, especially on how to share your desktop. If you don't use a speakerphone in a large seminar room, please make sure you have a microphone and a earphone. This is necessary for the speaker to speak and hear at the same time without causing echoing.
  • Test the EVO connection with another remote party and make sure the internet connection is fast and stable for a clear transmission of voice.